As Global Biyomedika, we started to operate in Arnavutkoy to provide service in medical industry in August 2014 and moved our headquarter to Halkalı in 2017 We constantly increase our product range that we mediate through our structure growing
in each day.
We attach great importance to include products that will facilitate the works of medical doctors in their professional lives and increase their successes when selecting products that we will include in our portfolio. We examine the studies conducted and examination reports in addition to the quality standards which the products should have when selecting
We continue our trainings to improve ourselves with the passion of coming to the forefront with the service that we provide as well as our products. We continue to make investments in our trainings and organizational development so that our services in the industry could maintain its existence by increasing.
We strongly believe that individuals and establishments that predict their future today and make their plans accordingly will provide benefit for our industry and country and continue to operate in this way. We are intended to develop a professional relationship with all individuals and establishments that we have a commercial bonds, and to become the name of trust. We are putting great efforts for the medical economy of our country to take the place it has deserved by making this intention and passion adopted by the industry itself as well.
As Global Biyomedikal Family who is open to all feedbacks and suggestions from our stakeholders especially our customers, we will continue to maintain our operations in the same quality level.