No more nausea!

EmeTerm is a reliable anti-nausea device approved by clinical tests. EmeTerm is a device that pregnant women can use safely against nausea which is associated with the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. EmeTerm is also a device that our Chemotherapy Patients can safely use to minimize the feeling of intense nausea which is one of their biggest problems in the life.

EmeTerm is a safe and effective device that can be used by those who suffer from balance problems and motion sickness while traveling by land, air or sea vehicles.

You can say “Stop!” to unpreventable Nausea problems with Emeterm!

EmeTerm brings a brand new approach for patients to prevent being exposed to nausea and vomiting; and to help relieve those who already experience them.

You do not have to suffer from nausea and vomiting.

Nausea and vomiting is a common symptoms for many people when traveling generally and a lot of women who suffers from morning nausea because of the pregnancy. Additionally, our patients who undergo chemotherapy treatment may also experience symptoms of severe nausea as a side effect of the treatment. Many people might use medication to overcome these symptoms; however, unfortunately, our pregnant patients are not deemed appropriate to take medication. Therefore, EmeTerm developed as a result of a long-term R&D studies has taken its place in the medical world after its clinical effects have been proven and documented that it can be used safely by pregnant women.
One of the biggest complaints of our patients who undergo chemotherapy is nausea, which can get intense from time to time. Emeterm is a device that can support our patients to have a comfortable treatment process and to say goodbye to the medications used to overcome nausea in this period which is one of the impact areas of EmeTerm. Our
patients, who travel and suffers from nausea during their travels want to put up with such pains on their own since they do not want to experience the negative side effects of the drugs, which can sometimes cause a worse effect than what needs to be treated. And, since some of our patients take the same medicine many times while traveling, the drugs do not help anymore. For such situations, EmeTerm fulfills its duties and help people to have a comfortable and easy journeys.

Maximum Safety

EmeTerm uses TENS technology known by the medical community for more than 20 years. This technology is known with its properties to be safe and have no side effects. It has been scientifically proved that the device is effective, which is approved by user statements.
EmeTerm does not have any side effects. Only a redness can be observed on the skin surface where the electrode is used after the session for a short time period.

Clinical Tests

Many tests and studies approved that EmeTerm is completely safe. The device functions by using physiological mechanisms. As repeated in scientific publications and clinical tests, EmeTerm has been proved to be completely safe. All ingredients and materials used are bio-harmonized and exposed to skin test. Any side effect or problem is not observed in none of the clinical studies where EmeTerm is applied. Thousands of treatments that are conducted with EmeTerm is followed and any problem has not been reported so far.

CE and ISO Standards

EmeTerm bears “CE Medical” mark. Independent official establishments have inspected whether EmeTerm complies with European regulation applied for medical devices and called as 93/42/EEC. Wat Medical firm, the manufacturer of EmeTerm is a Canadian firm that has fulfilled the requirements of ISO certification application. This systemhas put forward that EmeTerm is used regularly and any negative case has not been recorded. Wat Medical which has developed and manufactured has ISO approval. Design, development and production procedures are carried out in accordance with the strictest quality standards.
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