No more migraine crisis!

Feelings resulted from attacks such as headache and migraine are transmitted by the supraorbital nerve and supratrochlear nerves. HeadaTerm Device moves on these nerves and uses electrical signals sent on the main branch of the trigeminal nerve to prevent and reduce the effect of pain in the head area. This method helps to have a better life quality by reducing the painkiller consumption in significant level.

Do not worry about Migraine Pain and trust in HeadaTerm!

Migraine pain triggered by various reasons in your life makes make you have difficulties and unable to do what you want to do. Thanks to its ease of use and rapid impact, HeadaTerm is an Anti-Migraine Device produced as the result of a long R&D studies; and its effectiveness has been proven by clinical publications.

With its elegant design HeadaTerm is there for you whenever you need!

Migraine attacks do not have specific conditions and time to pop up. So, portable property of HeadaTerm is a vital advantage for us. You can use the HeadaTerm Device not only at home or in the office, but also while traveling and even outside. With its elegant and practical design, HeadaTerm is a device that can accompany you wherever you go and whenever you need.

Do not let migraine attacks to impact your daily life!

Migraine attacks might be as dense and frequent as to make some patients to get behind of their daily life. Furthermore, seasonal changes such as autumn can trigger migraine attacks. Get to know HeadaTerm right now to overcome intense headaches and challenge migraine attacks.