Magellan Platelet Seperator

Orthopedics and Physical Treatment PRP Applications for Only One-Session 25-Times denser concentration can be achieved from a Standard PRP System through Magellan System.

Magellan® Autologous Platelet Separator System is a biological concentration and transmission system that separates and concentrates the platelet within patient’s own blood.

1 Device, 3 Option

– To create Mesenchymal Cells from bone marrow, To create stem cells
– To create PPP (Platelet Poor Plasma)
– To create PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
The only thing necessary to carry out the procedure through microprocessor controlled centrifuge and injector pumps is the disposable components. Platelet-rich plasma is automatically and swiftly separated from the anticoagulant blood and transferred into a separate sterile syringe by using a platelet separation system.

Platelet rich plasma can be collected in any amount from 3mL to 10mL.


-Easy to use
-Coherent, iterative and reliable results
-3 full separation possibility for one patient
-Fully closed system
-Fully automatic

Benefits of MAGELLAN

Reduction in blood loss
Reduction in pain
Removal of wound discharge
Creation of more functional movement area
Reduction in in-patient treatment duration
Infection control
Redevelopment of tissue
Preparation of root cell Formation of mesenchymal cells in high concentration
In injections for sport injuries:
Acceleration in the recovery duration of soft tissue
Prevention of surgical intervention
Reduction in pain

In plastic surgery:
Reduction in serum & hematom formation
Reduction in inflammation
Closure of wounds
Removal of scars
Reduction in pain
Infection control

Chronic Scars;
Recovery of wounds
Infection control