Onoccommed 2 Cytokine Rich Plasma

In cases of joint degeneration, an imbalance in favor of interleukin 1 occurs. Therapy realized by using autologous conditioned serum is a therapy based on the characteristics of setting the balance by creating anti-receptor IL-1-RA substance of body.

Blood is taken for treatment. Stimulating effect is created in the blood taken from the patient by using a special conditioning method and anti-receptor (IL-1 RA) substance and reproduction factors to increase.

Additionally, the reproduction of damage-preventive cytokines such as interleukin 4 and interleukin 10 is promoted. Autologous conditioned serum is re-injected to joints, tendons and spinal nerves with mechanical density.


•Therapy realized via onoccomed® 2 is a therapy based on body’s regeneration ability.
•Therapy realized via noccomed® 2 can be applied without any time limitation.
•It is possible to apply the therapy realized via noccomed® 2 in combination with the other therapies and pharmacological treatments.
•Therapy realized via noccomed® 2 is 100% natural and 100% biological therapy based on the factors 100% produced in the body.

Autologous Conditioned Serum Therapy

Autologous serum therapy is a therapy based on the ability to reproduce proteins that have a positive impacts on the recovery and regeneration processes of the body. The therapy consists of a mechanism that develops through the creation and administration of interleukin 1 anti-receptor substance (IL-1-Ra), which has an important capacity to block the substances that play a role in supporting damage in the body. Additionally, anti-degeneraive characteristics of IL-1-Ra substance is used in cartilage regeneration. The patient’s own blood is taken, processed and injected into the patient again as a conditioned serum (to illustrate,into tendon protrusions or muscle tears in an active case of arthrosis). If the conditioned autologous serum is injected into the damaged area, inflammation stops and pain decreases.