PRP -Platelet Rich Plasma- is a plasma with high concentration of platelets. Patient’s own growth factors in the platelets are used through PRP treatment. PRP treatment is one of the primary options where the growth factors in the patient’s own blood are separated and concentrated, and then injecting them into damaged tissues, thus creating a fast and strong natural cure. Since your own blood is used, it does not cause any infection, side effect or adverse reaction.

Why Prosys PRP?

Prosys PRP is a safe product that provides complete and proper separation and concentration of platelets in the blood thanks to its patented technology and it does not require to use chemicals or cause infection.
– Special kit to make full PRP separation and concentration
– Patented technology that allows full separation; Following the centrifugation, you can visually see the distinction between red blood cells and white blood cells formed on it.
– Special concentration kit enables you to check PRP concentration rate easily and properly.
– Thanks to the gamma rays, the product is protected against the bacterial infections.
– Any chemical additives other than anticoagulant are not used in the PRP separation process.

Application Areas

In Aesthetics: Regeneration of the extracellular matrix After whitening process for wound care Reducing fine wrinkles

In Dentistry: For wound care following implantation

In chronic pain: Elbow Tendonopaty recovery of Tennis and Golf players Ligament injuries

Other purposes: Wound dressing Diabetic ulcer treatment Hair Loss